Solar Project

Sierra Leone Dankawalie School Project                                                    

Together we can brighten the future 

The Dankawalie Village is a remote village in the Republic of Sierra Leone in Western Africa. The people of this village have endured civil war and are looking to sustainably rebuild their community in new and innovative ways. The US non-profit organization Badenya Inc. has been dedicated to developing solutions for the educational, environmental and cultural needs and challenges of this community, while still preserving the traditions of the village. In 2007, the village community and Badenya Inc. founded Dankawalie Secondary School (DSS). This sustainable and dynamic secondary school provides the village community with an academic foundation for higher education, vocational skills useful in an agricultural community, exposure to arts (traditional and contemporary), and multi-lingual proficiency.

img7Over the past five years, DSS has seen continous growth, now staffing 8 teachers, 6 buildings and teaching 150 students from Dankawalie and the surrounding villages. Dankawalie Secondary School has made amazing improvements in the village community but would like to further advance its ability to provide an excellent student-centred education by providing two vital resources that are lacking in the community; electricity and a library.

Currently there is no electricity in the school, the village or nearby towns. WTEC has committed to helping the Dankawalie Secondary School by supplying and installing Solar Panels for the school. By adding electricity to the school and providing electricity to the library, it will be able to serve as a resource centre for the school and the village. This provides a reliable space where students can do homework and conduct research away from the demands of daily life in the village.

Please join WTEC and me in aiding Dankawalie Village, Dankawallie Secondary School, and Badenya Inc. in their mission to rebuild their community and help them make their greatest aspirations a reality. With our help this soon-to-be-constructed energy providing solar system will be the first building in the village community to ever have electricity.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated. All contributions can be made directly to Badenya Inc. and mailed to 37-21 79th Street, #42 Jackson Heights, NY 11372 or electronically here. Thank you in advance for your support.

Warm Regards,

Brian Singh,
Chief Executive Officer