Badenya Ebola Fund

Dear Friends,

When your family members are sick, your instinct is to be with them, but this deadly virus called Ebola takes that away from you. Since March 2014, Ebola has rapidly spread from Guinea to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. Sierra Leone is one of the countries worst affected by the outbreak, with nearly 600 of the almost 2,800 total deaths recorded so far. Not only has this deadly virus taken many lives, it is also making life unbearable for everyone there – schools and markets have been closed indefinitely, the movement of people and commerce has been severely restricted, and a third of the country of 6 million is under quarantine. The normally bustling streets in the capital Freetown are now largely deserted. International organizations are warning that West Africa might experience famine as a result of communal farming being curtailed at the height of the rainy (growing) season.

Ta Boh M’bareh Dankawalie from Kewulay Kamara on Vimeo

Badenya, Inc.* has established a committee to raise funds to help Dankawalie and surrounding villages in northeastern Sierra Leone survive Ebola. Join us in helping residents cope with Ebola-related challenges by donating to the Badenya Ebola Fund.

Every donation is meaningful and makes it possible to:

  • Purchase and distribute foods and supplies, including surgical masks, hand soaps, gloves and Dettol
  • Support volunteers on the ground to educate about preventive measures

Donations to the Badenya Ebola Fund are essential to combating Ebola-related challenges. Every donation – no matter the amount – makes a difference. Donations can be made quickly and easily at

Thank you in advance for supporting the Badenya Ebola Fund and making lives better.


With gratitude,

Kewulay Kamara

Executive Director

Badenya, Inc.


Mail check to:

Badenya, Inc.

P.O. Box 720368

Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Attn: Badenya Ebola Fund


*Badenya is dedicated to the advocacy of arts of Africa and the African Diaspora, and the promotion of social justice and transformation. Badenya has years of experience working in Sierra Leone. In 2007, it helped build a secondary school in Dankawalie village. In partnership with UNESCO, Badenya conducted a workshop on the future of Sierra Leonean youths in 2014. Currently, Badenya is working with WTEC, an energy company, to construct a solar grid for Dankawalie village. Helping Dankawalie and surrounding villages survive Ebola is a natural continuation of our work.