Badenya is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to community-building, globally, through the mobilization of Africa’s most expressive cultural resources such as spoken word, music and dance to inform, educate and entertain.


  • To create an institutional vehicle for the preservation and appreciation of African art forms in the United States through research, instruction, publishing, performance and exhibition.
  • To present African cultural expressions for the purpose of promoting community awareness and cohesion.
  • To develop and disseminate useful community information, artistic products and scholarly data related to African and African-diaspora culture on an on-going basis.  Part of this objective is to build an information and technology infrastructure that will facilitate the timely and efficient dissemination of relevant information to all segments of the diverse African cultural communities in the United States


Board of Directors Advisory Committee
  • Rashida Ismaili Abubakr – Chair
  • Ritchie Post
  • Steve Zeitlin
  • Jon Hoffman
  • Sheree Palmer
  • Roy Sirengo
  • Kewulay Kamara – Executive Director
  • Honorable Chief Ali Balansama
  • Larry Carpenter
  • Scott Jackson
  • Kaifala Marah

For more information on how to help Badenya and the Dankawalie Secondary School, please  contact info@badenya.org.